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Vanden Plas 3L Mk I:
Vanden Plas designed and built using BMC's C Series 2912cc in-line 6 cylinder engine with 108hp output. A steering column change featuring a manual 3 speed plus overdrive with a 3 speed Borg Warner automatic transmission as optional. Front disc brakes, rear drum with servo assist. In the beginning, interior was finished out like the A120 and Wolseley 120. In July 1960, Austin name was dropped; from Princess 3L to Vanden Plas 3L.
Production: 719; 1959-61.

Vanden Plas 3L Mk II:
Vanden Plas redesigned the cylinder head resulting in 120hp with floor mounted gear lever in October 1961. Mark II badge appeared on the boot plus a 2" increase in wheel base.
Production: 7901, 1961-64.

Vanden Plas 4LR:
BMC Vanden Plas with Rolls Royce set out to design new Bentley model. Instead, the Vanden Plas 4LR delivered with RR FB60 alloy 3909cc engine with 180hp output. Fitted as standard was the Borg-Warner D8 automatic transmission. New cam gears and Hydrosteer power steering unit was also standard. Engine fitted with twin SU carbs HS8; front disc brakes, rear drums with vaccum servo asssit. The rear end of the car was rounded out removing the 3L 'fins' and new horizontal rear light cluster fitted. In front, new side/flasher units fitted and fog lights were recessed into front panel instead of mounting on bumper as 3L. Various production problems dogged the 4LR and sales declined until model dropped in 1968.
Production: 6555, 1964-68

Vehicle Information: It is very helpful that you state as much information about your Princess 3L or Vanden Plas 3L and 4LR including the car chassis number and engine serial number during the check out process. This helps us to identify your Vanden Plas 3L & 4LR ensuring we send you the correct part.

Although we will make great efforts to provide the proper part for your vehicle, don't despair if the one you receive doesn't look anything like the part found on your vehicle. Such is the lot of the Vanden Plas owner. At times, great patience may be required.