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Roland Versacamm SP300, SP300v Main Board

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Here is a refurbished Main Board for a Roland SP-300v Versacamm Printer.

As with all board changes, you will have to enter in the Head Ranks from your printheads. You can do this either by removing the heads and reading off the label OR enter in the service mode from your old board and copying the head ranks when you scroll down the menu. With board changes, you will need to either copy the setting parameters from the old board OR have a tech reprogram in the parameters (about 3-4 hour procedure) OR if you already have the parameters backed up, you can upload them with PECK or enter them in by hand.

This installation is most suited for technicians that are properly trained. We do not provide tech support other than quick general questions. Performing the installation takes a bit of time and patience. If you need help in the installation, please contact a local tech. If you need our assistance, we can provide telephone help at extra cost (much as you would do if you had a tech to come in).

After your board replacement, you can send your old board in for a $150 credit back to your original form of payment.

There are no returns on refurbished boards. You get a 60 days parts and labor warranty.


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Due to the nature of these consumable items, all parts sold are non-returnable and final sale