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Dyna PAS Preamplifier. Includes 4 Telefunken smooth plate ECC83's that test strong. Overall appearance is good. Metal cover is 98% very good but the previous owner had covered it with naugahyde which was glued to the cover at the edges. The white spots you see in the pics are the backing from the naugahyde. A lot of it was picked off easily with no damage to the original paint, hopefully the rest can be picked off also. Front panel excellent except for a little adhesive residue on right edge, markings excellent. The knobs however are a different story, they are discolored & have pitting. Back panel has some rust & the label is partially gone. Original power cord is very good but a bit stiff. Chassis is pretty clean, just 2 spots of rust. I got a very weak signal through it with volume control all the way up. Measures 13.5"W, 9"D, 4.5"H. Preamp Item #9437

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