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BMC 1100-1300 Parts

Includes Austin, Morris, Riley, Wolseley, and Vanden Plas 1100/1300:

The 1100/1300 was Britian's top selling car between 1962 to 1974. Beginning with the debut of the Morris 1100 MKI in 1962 with its hydrolastic suspension, front wheel drive and 1098cc engine, MG, Austin, Vanden Plas, Wolseley and Riley (Kestral) soon followed with their own variant. The 1100 was available in a four door sedan with the exception of the MG 1100 2-door sedan exclusively exported to the US. However, in 1966, Austin release a three-door station wagon, Countryman, and Morris' Traveller.
By September 1967, the MK II appeared with the larger 1275cc engine badged by MG, Riley (Kestral), Vanden Plas and Wolseley. In the UK, it was simply known as the "1300" with both Austin and Morris having their own flavors. The popular US 2-door option became widely available and by 1970, the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 was the top selling car in Britian.
The MK III appeared in September 1971 in the MG 1300, Wolseley 1300 and Vanden Plas 1300 with production ending in 1974 to make way for Morris' Marina and Austin's Maxi.

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