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Hillman Identification Guide

To receive the correct parts for your Hillman Phase Minx (or any other Hillman), please provide the following information:


1. Model
2. Chassis Number
3. Engine Number
4. Body Style (Saloon, Drophead Coupe, Utility/Estate)


1. Part Number and Description
2. Quantity
3. Right or Left (if applicable)
4. Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) or Left-Hand-Drive (LHD)
5. Colour (if applicable)

Where do I find the Chassis and Engine Number?

The Chassis number is stamped in the space marked "X" on a plate secured to the right-hand side of the firewall just under the bonnet. The Engine number will also be found on the plate. Please provide these numbers to avoid inaccurate interpretation or orders.

Why is this Information Necessary:

Due to the diversity of British cars and their age, it is not uncommon to find features that have been changed or modified by previous owners. With the passage of time, in some cases, these changes/modifications may be difficult to spot and appear to be original. To provide the correct part for your Hillman vehicle, it is essential that you provide accurate identification information of your vehicle.

If you are having problems locating your ID plates, give us a call at 888-243-0440 and we'll help you locate them!

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