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Vanden Plas 4L Princess

Includes A110/125/135 Sheerline, Austin Princess and Vanden Plas 4L Princess

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Saloon Models:

DS1: A110/A125 Sheerline Saloon SWB: D Series 3460cc OHV; upgraded to D Series 3993cc 1948. Chassis #1-10504; 1947 to 1954.

DS2: A120/A135 Princess I Saloon SWB: D Series 3993cc and designated as "A135". Chassis #1-5347 1947-1950.

DS3: A135 Princess II Saloon SWB: 3993cc engine; Chassis #5380-10328; 1950-53.

DS5: A135 Princess III Saloon SWB: 3993cc engine with a column change 4 speed manual gearbox. Chassis #10329-13013; 1953-1956.

DS6: A135 Austin Princess Saloon LWB: 3993cc engine; automatic transmission available in 1958, power steering optional from 1968. Chassis #10287-16559; 1952-67.

DS7: A135 Princess IV Saloon: Different from previous Princesses; D Series upgraded 3993cc engine with twin SU HD6 carbs. GM hydramatic automatic transmission with power assisted steering standard. Last of the Big Princess Saloons. Chassis #12986-13906; 1956-1959.

Limousine Models

DM1: A125 Sheerline Limo LWB: D Series 3993cc engine; Chassis #3020-10165; 1949-1953.

DM2: A120/A135 Princess I Limo SWB: 3993cc engine; Chassis #309-4894; 1947-1950.

DM3: A135 Princess II Limo SWB: 3993cc engine; Chassis # 5249-10328; 1950-53.

DM4: Princess 4L Limo LWB: 3993cc engine fitted with 4 speed manual gearbox; single Stromberg DVA42 carb. October 1953, the Sheerline grill updated to new Vanden Plas grill as in the DS3. The "Flying A" remained and Austin badged hubcaps. Trafficators replaced by flasher lights.
In 1959, Austin was dropped and the mark was then known as "Princess 4L". "Flying A" replaced by Coronet emblem, "Princess" script added to front bumper; hubcaps replaced with "P" badge.
By 1960 automatic transmission was available.
With the formation of British Motor Holdings in 1966, the company adopted Daimler's DS420 Limo to replace the ageing VDP4L design. This was the end of the quintessential Vanden Plas 4L LWB Limousine and its variants. Chassis #10142-16808; 1952-1968.

DM5: A135 Princess III Limo SWB: 3993cc engine; Chassis 10311-12931; 1953-1956.

Ambulance & Hearse Models

DA1/DA1: A125 Sheerline Ambulance/Hearse: Built on the A125 LWB chassis and D Series 3993cc engine. 1950-55.

DA2/DH2: A135 Princess Amb/Hearse: Coachbuilders used the A135 LWB (DM3) chassis and the D Series 3993cc engine to fit out ambulances and hearses. 1955-60.

DA3/DH3: A135 Princess Amb/Hearse: 3993cc, built on DM4; Vanden Plas Coronet and "P" hubcaps; 1960-68.

Sheerline & Princess Identification:

Vehicle Information: It is very helpful that you state as much information about your Sheerline/Princess including the car chassis number and engine serial number during the check out process. This helps us to identify your Sheerline/Princess ensuring we send you the correct part.

Although we will make great efforts to provide the proper part for your vehicle, don't despair if the one you receive doesn't look anything like the part found on your vehicle. Such is the lot of the Sheerline/Princess owner. At times, great patience may be required as the vehicle may have been modified over the vestiges of time.

Vanden Plas Princess 4L Limousine