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Artist:  Badger
Title:  One Badger Live - Cassette Tape
Record Label and Catalog Number:  ATCO Records : ATC CS 7027 0697
Comments, Format, and Condition:  1973. No bar code. USA. Mega-Supra-Super-Mega-Giga-Ultra-Rare. And in clean nice condition. Not to mention a strong line-up of musicians, the band is Tony Kaye immediately after leaving Yes, plus Brian Parrish of Graeme Edge and Medicine Head, as well as Roy Dyke of Ashton, Gardner, & Dyke, and David Foster from Jon Anderson's band in the mid-60's, they mesh to put out some great music for sure. Media Format: Cassette, Album, Pink Cartridge, Pocket Box with Exterior Artwork. Condition: Tape is Near Mint (NM), Cartridge is Very Good+ (VG+), Artwork is Excellent (EX). Benevolently selected from the double walled safe in the deep archives chamber, this original is significant as it is the only one seen in 47 years ofintense collecting.
Price:  $78.90


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