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Artist:  Mikel Laboa
Title:  Hiru - Cassette Tape
Record Label and Catalog Number:  Elkar : HGK-85
Comments, Format, and Condition:  1974 recording, 1986 reissue. No bar code. Spain. Same tracks as the 1974 cassette, the twelve include Bikate, Baztan, Nere jaunetek, Baga-biga-higa, plus eight more songs. Media Format: Cassette, Album, Reissue, White Cartridge. The first foot (6 seconds) of the tape is Good, thereafter it is Near Mint. The paper labels Bat are bright, clean, and flat, one puny age mark, deemed extremely insignificant but mentioned for thoroughness, the labels are very superior. The insert Hiru is bright and decent, light aging, unquestionably very presentable, es todo en Espanol. This is quite a nice find and it is in quite decent condition. Condition: Tape is Near Mint (NM), Cartridge is Excellent (EX), Artwork is Excellent (EX).
Price:  $58.70


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