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Artist:  Mott The Hoople
Title:  Mad Shadows - Cassette Tape
Record Label and Catalog Number:  Atlantic : M 58272, M58272
Comments, Format, and Condition:  1970. No bar code. USA. Mega-Super-Giga Mega-Ultra-Super Rare. And in nice condition, too. Media Format: Cassette, Album, Snapbox with Exterior Artwork. The tape is in grand Near Mint superior condition, clean, flat, and with high sheen. The cassette cartridge shows so little wear that it is deemed irrelevant. The white paper labels are bright with no bubbling, a minor pale glaze of crystalization can be seen when angling, it is neither horrid nor does it detract from the unquestionably obvious preferred condition that the labels are, they deserve at least an Excellent. The exterior artwork is very presentable, also clean, has the production line toothing pattern, limited age browning mainly along the spine where it is medium, the sole factor that brings the grading down to a conservative Very Good+, the artwork is unquestionably above average and very presentable. Condition: Tape is Near Mint (NM), Cartridge is Excellent (EX), Artwork is Very Good+ (VG+). In summary, this item is in decent condition. The Mega-Super-Giga-Ultra-Super-Mega-Rarity original is currently tagged as Available, from the archives chamber vault in the deepest cavern.
Price:  $153.80


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