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Artist:  R. Dean Taylor
Title:  I Think Therefore I Am - Cassette Tape
Record Label and Catalog Number:  Rare Earth, Motown : R 75-522
Comments, Format, and Condition:  1970. No bar code. USA. Super-Ultra-Mega-Supra-Mega-Ultra-Super rare, this is the only original cassette documented since it was released. This is the one with the smash hit Indiana Wants Me, which made it all the way to the number 5 spot on The USA charts, but also to the number 2 spot in The UK, to the number 2 spot in Canada, and yet also to the number 3 spot in South Africa. The white paper labels have bubbling but are fully legible and are decently clean, indeed they are a bit better than they appear in the pictures. The first three feet (18 seconds) of the tape is Fair and Very Good, thereafter it is Near Mint. An early cassette, pull-out tray drawer packaging with external box color photo artwork that is decently doable. Media Format: Cassette, Album. Condition: Tape is Excellent (EX), Cartridge is Very Good- (VG-), Artwork is Very Good (VG). As no other original has ever been documented, given its Super-Ultra-Mega-Mega-Ultra-Supra-Rarityness, this high premium transaction is the transfer of the original from the deepest archive vault to you.
Price:  $162.90


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