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Our Partners offer Efficient and Trouble-Free Interfacing with KingCart...

 We have two types of partners. The first are on-line credit card and check processors. The cart has been optimized for each of these partners, so you know if you select one of our partners to do your processing, your store will be efficient and reliable. Note that you do not need an on-line processor if you want to process the charges by hand. Just select Offline as your processor and the credit card information will be made available to you in a secure manner. We also have web hosting companies and website designers, who will link your website to our cart and set it up for you. So if you not only want a webcart but your whole site designed from the bottom up and interfaced seamlessly, give one of our partners a call.


American Payment Solution
American Payment Solution
Like our name says we are a "solutions" company. If we don't already offer it, we will find a solution and modify it to meet your needs. Gift cards, cash advances, compact desktop terminals, online virtual terminals and payment gateways, wireless terminals, iPhone and Blackberry processing, PCI insurance. We specialize in a number of industries such as lodging, restaurant, healthcare along with the virtual and e-commerce payment world. From hotels, special government and large business procurement card programs to your online t-shirt company, we've got the payment solution to meet your needs.

!st Pay Gateway
On-line credit card processing with merchant account.

On-line credit card processing.

E-Processing Network
e-Processing Network
On-line credit card processing.

ECHO Electronic Clearing House

   i-Transact On-line credit card processing.

LinkPoint On-line credit card processing.

PayPal Acceptance Mark
Credit Card Processor, Gateway and Online fund transfers.

PayReady and

On-line fund transfers.

Plug and Pay

On-line credit card processing.

SecurePay On-line credit card processing.

On-line credit card processing and international merchant account provider.


TransFirst Credit Card Processing
Merchant Express can provide a fully compatible solution for King Cart with both the lowest merchant account rates available in conjunction with the popular AuthorizeNet gateway. We highly recommend them for your merchant account and gateway needs. If you have any problems we will work together to get them resolved.

Advanced Merchant Solutions.
Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. offers a merchant account with gateway with no upfront cost. Our cart is compatible with their gateway. Although we do not offer any incentives with them, they are worth looking into if you want to get up and running at the lowest cost, yet still have excellent discount and transaction rates.


Mark WebbDesign, Partner of KingCart Services - - website design, logo design, graphic and advertising design, copy writing Mark WebbDesign |
-- "The mark of quality in website design and programming."
  • Logo and Website Design, Brand Creation
  • Graphic and Advertising Design and Layout
  • Copy Writing
  • Specialized Design Programming
  • Professional and Streamlined Design and Integration with the KingCart Ecommerce Service
  • Design/Re-Design of Websites and KingCart Stores
Corporate Street Multi-Media, Inc.
Corporate Street Multi-Media, Inc.
Corporate Street Multi-Media, Inc. is a premiere provider of web solutions who is bound to facilitate your dreams online. Our vibrant and diverse designs in web development has led to the creation of some of the most compelling web presences today. We are your solution to Hi-Impact, Vector-Based Websites.
Some design firms pride themselves with the tired, old cliché of “thinking outside of the box.” At GLAD WORKS, we rip the box open, get inside, lay down in the contents of your box and live there for a while. And the way in which we open it unleashes its power, unlocks its vibrancy, and allows it’s potential to breathe.

Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Solutions: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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 e-commerce shopping cart
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