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Each item can be set up with quantity pricing.
The price breaks with the prices will be displayed on the products page.
Separate pricing can be set up for dealers vs. retail customers.
Each can have multiple price breaks if desired.
Prices can be quoted in any of the top 50 world currencies, so your international customers know what the cost is in their own currency. Even the shipping rates and totals are quoted in any denomination desired.
The exchange rates are updated every day so they are always accurate.
Your cart can be set up to use any of the world's top 50 currencies as it's base currency. I.E. Countries in Europe can price everything in the Euro, and even the shipping rates from UPS will be quoted in Euros. Currency conversion will still work, so the customer can still see prices in their own currency.
A standard hook can be used to allow your customer to enter the price as well. This is useful for donations, and auction items. This works well with eBay auctions.

The cart keeps up with the stock on each item and lets the customer know if you are out of stock. It can prevent the customer from ordering, or allow it to be backordered as per your requirements. You can choose to have the cart email you whever an item goes out of stock. This can be disabled as well on an item by item basis if desired.

Both gif and jpg images are supported.
Thumbnails are supported. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger image. A large image can be linked to other large images as well so that multiple images can be viewed for any thumbnail.
Images can be stored by us, or you may store them on your own server.

Can be computed before or after shipping and handling charges.
Can be different and for any number of states and provinces.
Can compute a different respective rate for each county or city in a state. Some states, such as Wisconson, require this type of tax computation.
Specific items can be made tax exempt.
Specific customers can be made tax exempt.

Can be computed using any formulae; using the actual residential or commercial shipping costs, number of items in cart, subtotal and weight.
Automatically pulls actual shipping costs from UPS, USPS and DHL/Airborne, including any real time surcharges that may be included; and displays all shipping choices that you allow, with associated prices. In addition the cart will compute Fedex charges itself. USPS, UPS and FedEx also support international shipping rates.
No more overseas customers selecting ground shipping and other such headaches. If it can't be done, it doesn't allow them to select it.
C.O.D. may be enabled or disabled; and a surcharge of your choice may be added for C.O.D. shipments.
International shipments can display shipping information including restrictions, regulations, areas served and other comments that are country dependent; and are always up to date. Shipping information changes with the services and regulations automatically.
The cart will allow you to download a data file of customer addresses for both USPS shipping assistant and UPS Worldship. You can choose to download all the shipping addresses in your order log, addresses following a certain date, or all the addresses since the last download.
A hook can be added to allow you to use multiple drop shippers and each product can be rated for a different zip code, using a different shipper or service, and each rated to be boxed together at each zip code. For instance you can have some products that ship from California by UPS ground and others that ship by USPS Priority from New Jersey, and the cart will total the weight for each drop shipper, and compute them as two shipments and totaling them, if products are ordered from each. There is no limit to the number of different drop shippers that can be used with this hook.

Products can be set up for purchasing of access or downloading. This works well for software, recipies, music, images, on-line books and so forth. An option for each product can be added to allow the customer to choose between shipping or downloading if desired. If downloading is selected, then no shipping weight is added to the order for that product. Upon purchase the customer is emailed a link that will allow him/her to obtain access or download the information, music, image and so forth. The access can be set up so that only one download can be done for each purchase if desired. Downloads can come from any host on the internet - since we can supply a gatekeeper to prevent unauthorized access to the restricted information.

The store can be set up for password protection, or user-id/password protection.
The store can be set up both for the public, and for password-protected dealer customers.
The store can be set up for credit card charging (on-line or offline), C.O.D., or open account.
The open account can be restricted to password protected dealers, or only to dealers of your choice if desired.

Users are assigned a user number ID that they can use later and save having to reenter their information.
This ID can be made the same as the dealer ID for convenience if desired.
The customer can purchase gift certificates, and the system will issue them a unique gift certificate number which can then be redeemed later by anyone they give it to. Gift certificates can only be redeemed once.
The store ownere can define a custom invoice which the customer will receive when the order is complete,
The store owner can enter coupon numbers such that the customer can obtain a dollar or percentage discount if they have the coupon number. The validity of the coupon can be restricted to minimum purchase total, weight, or quantity; and will have an expiration date - after which it is void.

Searches can be done on keywords or phrases throughout your entire product catalog for categories, titles and descriptions.
Searches can be done on the entire catalog, or restricted to a specific category.
For stores with more than 200 products, the searching uses fast btree searching algorithms for fast accurate searching.
Additional criteria may be selected such as "case sensitive," "exact match," "greater than", and "less than."
The cart can provide a Froogle data feed for the items in your product database, making it easy to get listed on the Froogle database.

Setup is very easy. You are guided through the setup on-line, via web forms; through which you simply make selections or fill in the blanks.
Most items are already filled in with adequate and functional default values; although customization may be accomplished by simply changing the default values to meet your preferences.
No FTP or Telnet is ever necessary for complete control of your store.
Several product presentation formats are presented. You can select which format works best with your products, or create your own.
If you are familiar with HTML, you can create your own screens. Headers and Footers may be altered to your preference and updated with HTML as well; but for easy setup, the supplied Headers and Footers will work fine.

The cart supports dozens of processors: including 2CheckOut, AuthorizeNet (Network Merchants and merchantplus also) AIM and SIM, Cyphermint, ec suite, eSelect (Moneris), eProcessing Network, ECHO, IPS Limited iTransact, LinkPoint Basic and API, Merchant Anywhere, MultiCards, Net1, PayPal and PayPal IPN, Payment Clearing, PayMonde, PayReady, PaySystems, PlugNPay, QuickCommerce, QuickCommerce Pro, SecurePay, SecureNet, PRI/Transfirst, Transaction Central, Payflow, viaKlix, WorldPay and YourPay as well as Offline Processing.
Pay Pal can be selected as a second processor with any other processor, giving your customers a choice.
If you have your own on-line processor, simply select one of our processors to use during setup. This can be changed later with the cart manager we supply. We are adding other processors continually. Let us know if you are using a processor we don't currently have.
The cart can obtain credit card information in a secure session and email you part of the number, with part of the number residing in a log which you can view for security; or if you prefer, it can email you the entire card number using pgp encryption for security.
C.O.D. is selectable as an option for all processors.

The store can be set up to provide multi-tiering of products - in which the customer can select a catagory from the frontpage; then from a catagory page, select subcatagories which can either be "sub-subcatagories", or the product page for that subcatagory selection.
The manager contains a wizard to create tiered pages automatically, allowing you to choose which items are on which tiered pages.

Affiliate programs, such as MyAffiliate, are directly supported by our code; so that you can track affiliate sales using your cart.

King Cart supports multiple languages. All text that the cart uses is in templates; so adding another language is simply a matter of adding a translation template. At this time the cart supports English, French and Spanish.

King Cart now supports the Ship-Logic interface to all your shipping applications and QuickBooks. When an order is placed, our server will send the information to Ship-Logic, which then will update your Quickbooks for the order and the customer information, inform you of the method to ship for the lowest rate, handle the shipping for UPS, USPS, Fedex and DHL, and notify you of any refunds you are due if a shipment arrives late. (We do not recommend using Ship Logic due to their lack of customer support). In addition exports can be done for Quickbooks using both T-Hub or by Naples Software modules.

King Cart now supports Google Analytics for easy tracking of your advertising dollars.

King Cart supports importing the product data file from other carts. It supports importing from commerce.cgi and agora cart directly, and we have written conversion scripts for other carts. Most likely you will not need to re-enter your data, you can either upload it directly, or we can convert and import it for you.

Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Solutions: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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