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We offer one of the most competitive pricing structures in the business.

No contract or monthly fees.
The rate is a simple 25 cents per completed order for the first 100 orders in a month.
Only 10 cents an order after that.
If you get no orders during a month, then there is no charge at all.
30 day absolutely free trial period (or 3 months with a merchant account/gateway).

To keep the pricing this low we do have a minimum billing of $10 (for carts of up to 10 Meg, approximately 1000 items) if any orders were processed during that month.

We feel so certain that once you see how easy the cart is to set up and maintain, and its exceptional functionality in your application, you will want to continue using it after the trial period. In fact, during the first 30 days, you don't even have to provide us with any billing information.

Be sure to check the features against any other cart. We have many features that no other cart has, including full shipping cost computation for UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx with or without handling fees and insurance, for shipments anywhere in the world. The cart is intelligent enough to not offer shipping services that cannot be used, such as ground shipping to Hawaii and overseas, domestic shipping to Canada, and UPS shipping to a PO Box; completely avoiding the hassle most web sites endure of having to email customers telling them the shipping rates and asking what they want to use - and emailing customers to tell them that the shipping method selected is not available for packages of that weight, or to their area.

We also have the ability to set up a private store alongside your public store for your dealers and to add price breaks to your products. You may not need these features now, but if you ever do in the future, the cart is ready to go.

Try the cart FREE for 30 days with no obligation...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Solutions: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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 e-commerce shopping cart
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