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 In addition to an advanced shopping cart with no setup fees and 30 day free trial we now offer a turn key solution for ecommerce as well. As you probably already know, a complete solution to taking credit cards and checks on-line requires a domain name, web site host, merchant account, gateway, and a shopping cart. It can be time consuming and frustrating to select and sign up for each of these services independently, then attempt to integrate them all together. To make matters worse, all gateways do not work with all merchant accounts (Such as Nova), and all shopping carts do not work with all gateways. So if you accidently sign up for the wrong merchant account, gateway or shopping cart, you may find that everything will not play together.

 Some gateway and merchant account providers offer a shopping cart with their service. They may charge for it or it may be free. But the shopping cart you will get is bare bones, basically a free cart, which will likely not have the features you want and need. Plus almost all gateways charge from $195 to $495 set up fee; ours charges nothing.

 We are delighted to offer you a solution to this delimma. Not only can we give you a domain name, host and merchant account with one of the lowest rates available, but the gateway and shopping cart, which are all guaranteed to work together seamlessly. Plus you get King Cart Services Free for 3 months if you use our turnkey solution. You don't even have to set up your shopping cart and customize it, we will do that for you, including adding up to 20 items to your cart. You will only have to enter any additional products beyond 20. You will not even have to obtain and provide all the merchant account information to the gateway, we will take care of all that ourselves.

This is what you get:
1. A domain name registered to the name of your choice (provided of course the name is available). If you already have a name we can transfer it to the hosting server if you like.

2. Web Site Hosting. Your domain name will be hosted on a full service web site that allows up to 100 meg of disk space, subdirectories and cgi progamming..

3. URL redirection. The domain can be redirected to the King Cart Entrance, yet appear to still be on your site by using redirection.

4. Email service. You will receive an email address for your domain name you choose.

5. King Cart Shopping Cart (90 days free if merchant account is provided).

6. Merchant Account. This merchant account has some of the lowest rates available at $.30 per transaction and 1.69 to 2.20% discount and can take checks as well as all major credit cards, has no sign up fee, and no contract or cancellation fee.

This merchant account can be used at trade shows and fairs with a palm Pilot for a 1.69% discount rate also.

7. Gateway.

8. Look and feel duplication. We will duplicate the look and feel of your site in the shopping cart for a professional look.

 The domain/hosting, shopping cart and merchant account can be changed at a later date without impacting the others.

We offer the following Package Deals:
domain name registration Domain Name Hosting Email Boxes with your domain name Shopping Cart Setup & customization + 20 products entered 1 Hour consulting Merchant Account Gateway 3 month free cart Cost
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes $99.95
no no no yes yes yes yes yes $79.95
no no no no no yes yes yes Free

 The domain registration and hosting is provided by a 3rd party, as is the merchant account. Pricing remains the same if merchant account/gateway is not applied for. Gateway cannot be supplied without the merchant account. The above charges are one time charges for us to set up and integrate your cart.

 If you are not interested in having the cart and/or merchant account set up for you then you can still do it yourself with no up front charge and a 30 day free trail as outlined elsewhere on this site.

Recurring Charges:
 The domain name will need to be reregistered yearly. Present cost for this is $9.95. Hosting is $24.95 a month and will give you 100 meg of disk space and up to 100 Gigabyte a month of transfers.

 The merchant account cost $24.95 a month, flat rate, and this includes the gateway at no additional charge. Most merchant accounts cost from $9.95 to $29.95 a month with an additional $19.95 to $24.95 monthly gateway charge.

 There are no shopping cart charges unless you process any transactions, then the rate will be our published rate.

Signing Up:
 Free merchant account and gateway information and signup will allow you to obtain a merchant account and gateway free.

 The add a store link will ask you for contact and billing information. Once you enter this you will be put into the manager. If you are wanting us to set up the cart then contact us at this point and we will take it from there.

King Cart Please feel free.. to contact us by email or phone with any questions or inquiries.

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Thawte Certified: Click here for details.

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