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Secure shopping cart.. Best, Reliable, Simple, Professional Quality Shopping Cart Service. Our fully customizable e-cart system will impress you.. and your customers!
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with convenient, easy setup and modification as you develop your internet store.

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  Welcome! to Shopping Cart Service  ||• system status: Operational

shopping cart software... Set up your basic store or online shopping cart in fifteen minutes or less...

..and apply multiple options as you build it.

Note: USPS has changed the services they offer as of July 28, 2013. If you are using USPS, you need to log into the manager, and click on shipping options. Then checkbox those which you are wanting to use.

Special: Sign up for our TURN-KEY solution to your e-commerce needs - featuring Domain Name registration, Page/Site Hosting, Merchant Account, Gateway and Shopping Cart in one complete package. With our Turn-Key solution, not only will you enjoy the lowest rates available; but we will make sure everything "integrates" seamlessly - provide you with King Cart Services for 3 months absolutely free - and even set your cart up for you.
If you decide to utilize a different web cart system of your choosing; you may use whatever shopping cart software you prefer, and still end up with the best deal available on a merchant account / gateway / domain name registration and domain hosting package!

 Should you choose to acquire your business merchant account through King Cart Service, we do offer a low cost quality merchant accounts and gateways that interfaces perfectly with our shopping cart software system. If you sign up for your merchant account through us below, you will receive the shopping cart service FREE for 3 months (Limited to $100 maximum credit). With high approval rates, these merchant accounts not only have some of the most advanced features anywhere, but some of the lowest rates available...
   (2.2% keyed or 1.69% swiped and 30¢ per transaction - lowest in the industry!)

 NO Application or Setup Fee
     NO Gateway Fee
        NO Bank Fee
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                 NO Cancellation Fee
                    NO Monthly Minimums

No obligation Merchant Account Sign Up with 3 month free cart with Trans First.

No obligation Merchant Account Sign Up with 3 month free cart with iTransact.

e encourage you to try the King Cart Service e-cart for FREE for thirty days by clicking here. There is no setup cost and no monthly charge for our e-cart service; just a simple, low per-transaction charge if you choose to continue using King Cart service beyond the trial period. To keep your web cart service active beyond the thirty day trial, simply submit your credit card or merchant account information before the thirty days are up and you will be all set.

   More facts and info on our system...

King Cart King Cart allows your customers to view prices in the currencies of dozens of countries, and figure the sales tax in all states and provinces automatically.

King Cart You can set up your King Cart as a public store, a password-protected private store, or a public store offering "private dealer" pricing.

King Cart Shipping charges are computed automatically for the services you have selected using any combination of UPS, DHL, Post Office, Fedex, Fedex Freight, and most trucking line's freight rates with King Cart Selecting the lowest priced one you can use, and additional insurance and handling can be added if desired. Rate computation works for both domestic as well as international orders. Shipping options, the prices and shipper commitments for the services are all displayed to your customer for their selection. Options will be displayed that are consistent with the weight and destination of the order; so as to eliminate the possibility of costly incidental mishaps such as getting "UPS ground" orders for overseas or Hawaii, "UPS shipping" to P.O. Boxes or "domestic" shipments to Canada.  NEW - King Cart now supports shipping rates from 36 countries to anywhere in the world!

King Cart The cart has built-in inventory tracking, which will conveniently inform your customer(s) when you are "out of stock" on an item; and, depending upon how you have it set up, the system will either prevent the item from being ordered, or allow it to be "back-ordered". Inventory tracking can as well be turned off if this is not needed for your particular application.

King Cart Coupons and Gift Certificates are both supported. Coupons can be either % or $ amount off, and can be set contengient on which items were purchased, quantity of items, total cost of items and so forth. Coupons can also have an expiration date. Multiple coupons can be supported for different amounts, and applicable to different products.

Gift Certificates are handled automatically, allowing a customer to purchase a gift certificate, and give it to a friend that can then use it for their purchase. Gift certificates can only be used once and are always for a $ (or whatever your currency is) amount.

King Cart Our streamlined e-cart service employs standard quality encryption methods (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) to provide secure connections and environments where necessary in order to maintain security of your information and that of your customer's during the order-placement process.

When installing shopping cart software on your server, can you be sure that it is done correctly or even written accurately to avoid security "loopholes"? See this article for information on typical problems and the shopping carts that were found to be vulnerable.

King Cart Custom features can be easily added to your store by our staff. There is almost no limit to special features that can be added through pre-programmed software "hooks". These features can normally be added quickly for a small nominal programming charge of only $19.95 or free if you purchase the turn key solution.

King Cart Please visit our Features Page to see for yourself the many features and options available with King Cart services. You are invited to check out some of our client's stores, see our e-cart's features in action; and see how King Cart Services can help you with your online business.

King Cart Once having set up your store, you can easily maintain and manage it from our shopping cart manager.

King Cart Here is a comforting recent example of King Cart's business usability and versatility:
  Anacom, a major "gateway", went down on June 18, 2001 leaving many merchants suddenly without any means of accepting or processing orders online. Thousands of merchants have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the days that followed. Those who were using King Cart simply went into their 'shopping cart manager' and switched from "Anacom" to "Offline", putting them back in business within seconds; and, upon obtaining another gateway, they could switch to their new gateway with the click of another button.

King Cart Please feel free.. to contact us by email or phone with any questions or inquiries.


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Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Services: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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 e-commerce shopping cart
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