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You may contact us in any of the following ways:

• Email:
• Customer Service: Please email the above address. We had to close our customer service box due to spams reaching 10,000 per day.
• Information: Please email the above address. We had to close our info service box due to spams reaching 10,000 per day.
If emailing about a specific store, please include the store id in the email so we know which store we are dealing with.

• Support Phone: 865.635-8136 Note: this number has recently changed, please record our new number.
• Sales questions and Support to set up a store: 1.865.635.8136
Phones manned from 10am to 6 pm Eastern Time weekdays.

Full URL address:
(King Cart owns both of these domains)

 Please note that we do not sell any merchandise. If you need to contact a merchant for credit, problems with your order or other matters you need to call or email the merchant, not us. We are NOT Pay Pal and are not affiliated with them in any way except our cart can communicate with their gateway, and are unable to assist you with any problems you have with them. You will need to contact Pay Pal. They do not publish their phone number on their site.
Their number is (402)935.7733.

 If you need information on how to contact a merchant, you need to provide us with the merchant id, which is the part following the "store=" in the loaction statement when in their cart on our system.

 We have no credit card numbers or other proprietary information on this server.

Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Solutions: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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 e-commerce shopping cart
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