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Byterunner Technologies:
I have been running my on-line store for many years, and have gone through a few web carts. None of the previous webcarts I tried hold a stick to King Cart.

The previous webcarts I installed were difficult and confusing to set up and were hard to maintain. King Cart on the other hand was a breeze to install, and is a breeze to add new products, modify products, etc.

My favorite feature about King Cart is the real-time shipping calculations and time in transit page for UPS and the Postal Service. I've never seen any other webcart that provides the shipping rates and time in transit all on one screen for the customer to choose from. It makes deciding which shipping option to use a breeze. Another thing that I really like is the real-time international rate quotes. I get a lot of overseas orders, and I used to have to email the customer the various shipping options and wait for their response on which one they wanted to use. King Cart, on the other hand, even works great for figuring the shipping options on overseas orders, so this is not longer a headache.

Another really cool feature that King Cart offers is the private, username/password protected area. I use this area to allow my resellers to log in and view their prices on items and place orders on-line with their special pricing. I don't know of any other webcart that allows you to do this.

To sum it up, I can't think of any features that I would like King Cart to have that it doesn't. It covers the spectrum of what all the other webcarts offer with some cool features that only King Cart offers.

  Sean Dudley, President of Byte Runner Technologies

Gift N' Gadget
I would like to take this time to thank you for offering such a FANTASTIC service.

I've tried several other carts that you either had to be a programmer to use or you were limited to just a few products with no control as to what and when. I wanted control of my products and how many items I could offer. I was sure I was going to have to settle for less than I wanted.

Then, very skeptically, I found and tried KingCart. What a surprise! Your service actually offers more than expected. The shipping choices are unsurpassed. The pricing options are an outstanding plus because I offer wholesale prices to dealers. With the password protected Dealer option they can order on-line also. The discount option is one I will use all the time. The list goes on. Anything I've wanted you've 'customized' to fit my needs. You've made editing everything a breeze. You've also taken the time to answer all my questions and explain how everything works.

I now have a shopping cart that offers over 3000 items on-line. This would not have been possible for me if I had not found KingCart. I highly recommend KingCart to anyone seeking the services they offer. They do what they offer.

  Lesley Addington, Owner Gift N' Gadget-etc.

American Mystique
WOW! I can not say enough how much this new service means to my businesses. Both of our Business Websites are now using the King Cart Shopping Cart and my Sales have increased. The expediency and ease this cart offers Paying Customers is just phenomenal. Plus, the wonderful Jpegs we can place in the cart keep the Customer company all through the transaction process.

We grew unsatisfied and uncertain with what was being offered by a host of others. Plus, we cringed at the costs and time involved with learning their software! After researching for so long, King Cart certainly offered not only the Best Solution to our growing businesses, but Best of all Worlds! A Shopping Cart System that we can use right now, and a Cart System we can grow with in the future when our needs increase!

Time is money and our King Cart Shopping Cart sure saved us both!

With the new look of our Websites, we really needed an upgraded Cart System to match them. We knew that Money was Backing Out of our hands with the older Shopping Cart. It is a hurtful thing to see Customers backing out of the Cart, just because they don't like the set-up. Our Business needs outgrew it. Today's Customers are mush more savvy, demanding a better, easier, and faster cart system for use. The King Cart solved those issues for us! Plus, this Cart actually enhances the organization, navigation, and feel of each website! We can't say enough about that.

King Cart worked wonderfully with us! They went through the process with us Step-by-Step, using simple layman's terms, easily guiding us through everything. They were more than great. We certainly look forward to a long Business Partnership with them.

If you are a small business with an Online Website, This Is A Must For You! A No Brainer! If you really want to learn something about having an Online Business Website then pay attention to this: "No matter what you sell, Your Commercial Website will only be as Good as Your Cart System."

  David Adams, Co-Owner American Mystique

Hand Dyed Fibers
I've been selling from a free commercial web site for about a year and a half now and had really outgrown it. I needed a secure set up with a shopping cart, that would enable me to process credit cards. After searching around, I found another free commercial web site, and field tested my site there, but after only 2 weeks it was very apparent that it was SLOW - and that slowness made it very buggy. After 5 customer complaints and many abandoned shopping carts on a holiday weekend with no response to frantic customer support requests I went looking in earnest for a web site host.

There are SO many options! I spent hours researching web sites, web sites with carts, web sites with seperate carts, with credit card processing with gateways, with seperate gateways - I felt like I was in some kind of never-never land. Moreover I LOVED the look and feel of my site. I sell hand dyed fibers and needed tiered pages with thumbnails that would show as large pictures when clicked on. And to lastly complicate things - I didn't have an unlimited budget to spend to get it all. After literally hours, I stumbled across King Cart systems - I couldn't believe that it had everything I needed in one place. A cart with every feature known to man; a place to store pictures, credit card processing posibilities, and a flat rate per order payment system! This seemed too good to be true - so after reading the fine print about a thousand times I wrote Marshall and asked him my big question - If I went with him would my site still look like it did?! He assured me that he certainly would do his best. An email response FAST - and this on a holiday weekend from someone I wasn't even a customer of yet!

I had more questions than he could possibly answer in email - so he arranged a phone call, answered all my questions - and reminded me that if I didn't like it nothing was lost. So I plunged.

Together we went through tiered pages, table closing scripts for my clumsy html statements, gateways - but Marshall was with me every single step of the way. He imported almost 100 discrete products with a csv table and option scripts for half of them and inventory control for the other half just to further complicate it. He tested it all first with a test store just to make sure I really liked it - the look, the feel - could everything I needed even be done? We rewrote headers, product import statements, javascripts, added special shipping billing features, and since I wanted it to work FAST he set up a database to call the products up instead of having seperate product page calls.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was able to announce the opening of a web site that I only contacted him about on Sunday afternoon!!!!

This type of customer support is amazing to me. The individualized treatment and specialized help that I required would have cost me thousands from anyone else - if I could even get it (I'm still waiting for a response to the email I sent to my last site 5 days ago!!!!!!). The few minor bugs were worked out by Marshall in record time (even when they were my operator error!!). Considering the amount of specialized features I needed to get up and running, it really shows how responsive and flexible Marshall's sytem (and support) is.

Above all and most important - customer reviews have been rave. They're amazed at the response and speed of the site and how snappy the whole thing looks. And when it comes down to it all, we sell when we look good. Thank you Marshall for making me look my best.


Black Mountain Candles and Soaps
Hi! I just wanted to let you know your cart is the best & simplest we have ever used. It is truly created with the user in mind & I just love it!!!! Thanks for such a great product.

The Glass Web
I am sooo excited about this now. Getting that first order really did alot for me. I knew that making purchasing easier would get more customers, but I didn't want to pay the outrageous fees that were out there. I searched and searched for a reasonably priced system...and there are several out there...EXCEPT none of them have an inventory system!!!! I thought that was absolutely ludicrous. Sooo, thank you so much for setting up this shopping cart system.

  Carol -The Glass Web
(We are sorry to report that the lady who ran this site is deceased and the site no longer available.)

Fuerte Cases
We had a lot of frustrated customers that would abandon our site because of our poorly designed cart before incorporating King-Cart as our web site's shopping cart. The flexibility, low cost and ease of set up has been a wonderful addition that complements our great product lines. We have already received feedback from some our customers saying that they are pleased with the ability to view all charges including taxes and shipping before actually committing to a purchase. Marshall has been great when we needed technical advice and is the first techie we've run into that takes the time to make sure we understand everything that's involved. Thank you for a great cart!

Vintage Electronics
As I told you recently, I had been looking at shopping carts for about 2 years off and on trying to find the one that was flexible enough for my business, selling antique radios and related items. The free carts, of course, wouldn't even come close to filling my needs. Every time I found a cart that was close I'd get to a limitation that I just couldn't live with and, when I asked if there was a possibility of making a change in the cart, the answer was always "no, we just can't (or won't) do that".

There were several things that presented a problem, the first one being the sheer size of my database (over 16,000 items now, expecting to approach 50,000 within the next year or so). And they are unique items, most of them I have only one of, so when it's sold I need to change the database. Some carts don't even make provisions for uploading the database, it had to be entered on their form item by item by item by item. A real thorny issue was the variety of shipping charges (some of my items ship free, some are actual shipping cost + a small handling fee and international orders get an additional handling fee). Most carts could do any one of those but not 2, let alone all 3. And then, many carts didn't even use actual rates from UPS, FED-X and USPS, for domestic or International shipments.

Another problem I had was the need to determine the number of items that can ship in 1 box based on size or how fragile the piece is rather than basing it solely on weight.

I was getting so frustrated with the other carts that I was considering just eating all shipping cost and dropping some of my products just so I could fit their constraints. At one point I decided the only way I'd ever have a cart that did what I wanted was to have it custom made. Quotes in the $50,000.00 range changed my mind about that.

After spending some time working with King Cart I sent you an email outlining things that I really needed to do that I didn't think King Cart could do. Some of those you showed me that the cart could do, I just didn't realize it. The things that it really couldn't do you said "maybe I can make it do that" and " I've been wanting to make it do that but just never had time to get to it". By golly, one by one you made it do every one of them. And, as a bonus, I got inventory control that I didn't even know I needed, now I wouldn't think of trying to operate without it.

I went into this search KNOWING that I couldn't find one cart that could do all the things I needed unless it was custom made and I KNEW that I would have to make some major changes in the way I'd been doing business to get the benefits of a cart. What I didn't know was that you can make King Cart do anything reasonable, if it doesn't already do it.

I just can't thank you enough Marshall for all the help you've given me.

  John Vintage Electronics

Dave Merric
Wow , after trying to set up an online store for the past 3 months with CCNow and spending hours and hours trying to manually set up shipping options with no luck, and dealing with complacent tech support; I want you to know that I think you guys are the "White Knight" of small business E-commerce.

I have been able to set up my store in a matter of hours, and have 8000% more functionality than I have had in over 4 months with CCNow. AND to find out that you don't even want my credit card info for the trial period! And it all really works! I'm giggling just thinking about it.

Thank You!

Hey there Marshall, this is Lee with Starfish Tanning Supplies. Once again i would like to thank you for all your help the other day getting me all set up. i love the new cart. like i said before...YOU ROCK!!! if you ever want to use my site for anything (featured store or testimonial) go ahead. thanks again.

NOVA HelpDesk
King-Cart was referred to us by our merchant account provider in a list of others but was the only one that answered questions quickly and with genuine interest in making our solution work for us. We are absolutely happy with the services and ease of customizing every aspect of the cart. We'd strongly suggest anyone looking for a cart use King-cart. And if you think this is made up, contact us, and we'll tell you the same thing.

Desktop Print Gallery
While everyone else is trying to re-invent the (shopping cart) wheel, King Cart remains ahead of the curve with must-have consolidated commerce services.

Such a combination is of exceptional performance value to anyone seeking to enhance or re-vitalize thier commercial exposure.

Many thanks to Marshall Dudley and the King Cart service model;

most definitley, a cart with a conscience.

David Keller, Exec. Dir.

After spending about a month on a massive research expedition looking for the perfect shopping cart, and one that would integrate with FrontPage, I chose I am not affiliated with this cart in any way other than I use it on the sites I design. I am a client only.

As far as pricing goes... can't beat it! As far as customer service goes... I have been 200% satisfied! As far as making it do what I wanted it to do... not only can it do almost everything to begin with, but the cart owner is willing to work with you to make it do things you need that it may not already do, and if there is any extra expense as a result of this it is extremely reasonable!

There are thousands of carts out there... trust me I know... I probably read each and every site for each and every one until my eyeballs burned!

My very strong recommendation is that you check out this cart before you go any further. If you've already checked out any carts at all, then you will see what I mean! Be sure to visit the featured sites to see all of the different ways it integrates into your specific design, and read the testimonials as well. I can attest personally to everything you will read in each testimonial!

From the point that I found the cart forward, if I have any control over the cart to be used in the site I am designing... it will be king-cart.

Online shopping cart service that is flexible and versatile to meet your business e-commerce needs.. King Cart Solutions: Your competitive edge in web cart software service. Features and price that no other e-cart offers.

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